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A message from Mr B Finley, Chair of Governors, Springwell Learning Community

At Springwell Learning Community the governors ensure that children and young people get the best teaching and learning to prepare them for later in life.  The governors make sure that the money is spent well and that staff work hard to help young people learn.   We look at how well the school is doing and make sure the Principal and her team of staff are challenged so that every aspect of our community contributes to young people’s success.

Governors have a wide range of backgrounds and different experiences that help them in this important role.  We meet several times per term.  We visit school and speak to staff and young people.  We work closely with the Principal and her team and we get regular reports from them about the work they are doing.

We are all committed to making sure Springwell Learning Community is the best it can be and that the young people in our community do the best they possibly can.




Meet the Team

Ben Finley – Chair of Governors

Ben is the Service Manager for BMBC’s Youth Offending Team and has worked with young people in the criminal justice system for over 15 years.  His governor responsibility in the academy is Behaviour & Community and he links with Sarah Storer, Assistant Principal.  Some of the areas they cover are attendance, pupil voice, whole community pastoral support and parenting.



Sue Hamby

Sue is a retired Barnsley headteacher and retains an interest in education at Springwell Learning Community.  She links with Danny Ross, the Executive Vice Principal for the responsibility of Teaching and Learning and this covers areas such as developing pedagogy, staff development/training and performance development.



Chris Parkes 

Chris is a retired Chartered Educational Psychologist with over 20 years’ experience working in schools,
supporting families, pupils and school staff  in the area of Special Educational Needs.  She links with Paul Cadman, Assistant Principal for the area of Standards & Achievement (KS4).  This role covers data and assessment, monitoring pupil progress and accreditation.



Paula Taylor-McCool 

Paula has worked in and around education for the last 20 years supporting young people in informal education through youth work.  She links with Michelle Sault, Assistant Principal for the Alternative Academy  and covers areas of Dispersed Learning; admissions/re-integrations, curriculum and mental health/therapy.



Keren Harben

Keren is Service Manager for the Education Welfare Service for BMBC and has worked with children and families for almost 25 years.  She is the borough’s lead on policy, practice and legislation regarding school attendance and safeguarding. Keren links with Jenny Davis, Borough Services Manager on Commissioned Services which includes EOTAS, elective home education and multi-agency liaison.




Cllr Tattersall

Sarah Jane is a local elected member of BMBC.  She has knowledge of schools procedures and achievements.  Her link with Danny Ross, Assistant Principal covers the area of Standards & Achievement Lower School and encompasses strategic IT, ICT pedagogy development and learning environments.



Chris Webb

Chris is the Principal of Barnsley College and joined our Governing Body in September 2015.  Chris has worked at Barnsley College for more than four years and was previously the Deputy Principal for Finance and Development.   He has 18 years’ experience in the education industry and before moving to Barnsley College worked as Deputy Principal at South Thames College and Director of School at Newcastle College. Chris links with Andrew Pursglove, our Business Manager, for the area of Business and Finance.



Local Governing Body minutes are available by contacting the Clerk to the Governing Body on 01226 720741 or emailing  s.corbett@wellspringacademies.org.uk


Governor Recruitment and Selection Policy – reviewed March 2016


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